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I'm Jessica, but most people call me Jess. I'm a photographer in the 'burbs of Atlanta living on sour candy, puppy snuggles, and TV.. so much TV (guilty...). Thanks for joining me!


I live in Cumming, GA with my fiancé and our chocolate lab Moose. Moose is definitely the star of the show at our house. He gets his own spot on the couch, we talk to him like he's human, and he goes to work with my fiancé every day. He's spoiled, I know. (PS - I'm not the only crazy dog mom out there, right??)


We love traveling and exploring. Our latest travel itches have taken us to Hawaii and a cruise through the Caribbean and soon we'll be off to Moab, Utah! Plus some little adventures in between. :)

So... Why JWP?

Simple. It's EASY. Of course I also hope it'll be fun for you, an experience that you will love, the right financial choice, etc. But, as an overarching goal I want to make things EASY for you. You have enough work and errands and just LIFE in your daily routine to devote your brain power to, am I right?! Obviously I think it's so important to get photos taken, but more than that, I want it to be an experience that you WANT to do and don't have to stress about!

I know you have a gajillion and one choices these days for photographers, but my hope is that you'll connect with me and want to work with me as I do with you. This is not just my business, it's my passion and I truly enjoy getting to know each and every one of my clients and walking through this process together from start to finish. 

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